Run Towards the Storm-That's Where Your Medicine Is

Embracing the Unknown

Kay Song

9/3/20231 min read

Run Towards the Storm

There's a story about wild buffalos who run toward the storm instead of running away from it.

Most animals will run away from the storm and die from exhaustion.

Wild buffalos know it's over faster if they go through the storm.

When I read this story, my brain rearranged itself, and it has never been the same since.

If you catch yourself saying, I am so tired. I can't right now. I'll start tomorrow when I have more time. Or do I need to think this through?

Gently ask yourself, what is preventing me from taking action now? What if I spent 20 minutes just starting this project or making one phone call to start my business?

It might be starting a project, studying for a test, booking that vacation, or talking with your partner or kids. What is it costing you waiting to do something you know you want to do?

If you keep thinking about renting a studio to paint or creating space in your home to write, draw, meditate, or exercise for months to years, realize that you are avoiding the storm.

It is exhausting running away from your dreams.

You can run away or take one step towards the storm. Take two steps, and you will soon realize it is behind you.