Follow Your Bliss by Embracing the Ordinary

Be UnapologeticallyYou

Kay Song

10/8/20232 min read

Follow Your Bliss: The Path to Creative Fulfillment

Do you often find yourself asking, is this it?

Are you caught in the mundane daily routines and obligations day after day?

Following your bliss is not about reckless abandon; it's about aligning your life with your true passions and interests. Here's why it matters:

  1. Authenticity: When you follow your bliss, you are living authentically. You're being true to yourself, and in doing so, you radiate a unique energy that attracts positivity and opportunities.

  2. Fulfillment: Pursuing what brings you joy and contentment leads to a sense of satisfaction that transcends material success. It's about finding meaning and a profound sense of purpose in your everyday actions.

  3. Resilience: When you're passionate about your work, setbacks become stepping stones. You're more likely to persevere through challenges because you're driven by a deep inner fire.

  4. Inspiration: Your pursuit of bliss can inspire others. Your journey towards your dreams can motivate and empower those around you to do the same.

  5. Balance: Following your bliss often leads to a more balanced life. You make time for what truly matters, including self-care, relationships, and personal growth.

  6. Endless Growth: Your bliss isn't static; it evolves as you do. Continuously following it means you'll never stop growing and changing.

  7. Legacy: By following your bliss, you contribute to the world uniquely. Your passions can lead to innovations, art, knowledge, or positive change that leave a lasting legacy.

The journey to following your bliss may sometimes take work. It might require courage to break free from societal expectations or to embrace uncertainty, completely reinventing your life and some dark night of the soul. However, in these moments of discomfort, you often find the most insights that propel inner growth, deep assessment of your life, and reward.

Remember, doing what you love means paying attention to responsibilities and practicalities. It's about integrating your passions into your life and making choices that align with your heart's desires.

So first, nurture yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy the day-to-day instead of checking off lists. Take that walk, lay on the couch, and nap; write that letter to your inner child, artist, lover, and friend with a new purpose. Doing these things consciously feeds your sense of bliss, allowing yourself to enjoy and be present to the extraordinary of the everyday.

When you embrace the ordinary, your life will become extraordinary. As you allow your heart's desires to open and embrace every part of your life, you will surprised how easy it can be to follow your bliss once you step into the life you're living right now.